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on creative endeavours

I’ve started to add badges to my right hand side widget. It’s only the 8th of January and I already have two: The Shift Dress Sew Along, hosted by Rosie Wednesday The Georgia Dress Sew Along, hosted by By Hand … Continue reading

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happy new year and joining bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I just joined bloglovin and need to do this to claim my blog. So there.   Also, happy new year everyone. 

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It’s been over a year since I posted on this blog; the reasons are: 1. No camera to speak of 2. I moved 3. Work work work work work 4. I’ve been getting a sewing education SEWING, folks. Sewing. I’ve … Continue reading

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chocolate roulade

SO, This week I did something a bit naughty – I pretty much pushed one of my friends into creating his own blog. That’s right. And all just to make sure I’m forced to post more often. So far it’s … Continue reading

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coconut tea cake

I should probably explain the reason for my absence from this blog. It’s two-fold really: 1. I really needed to give baking a break. Not because I had grown tired of it, quite the contrary; mainly because my waistline suffered … Continue reading

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lemon curd

or: This post may or may not need a more reverential tone from me During the Queen’s jubilee (not sure jubilee is capitalised but in case it is, Jubilee – also, can I say ‘Queen’?), I decided to break my … Continue reading

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So I’m trying to focus on my crafts a bit more and avoid making so many sweets. It hasn’t exactly worked yet (just ask the carrot cake we finished last week) but at least I’m trying. I bought a quilting … Continue reading

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