on creative endeavours

I’ve started to add badges to my right hand side widget. It’s only the 8th of January and I already have two:

I’m also thinking of taking part in the challenge that was set today by the wonderful Deer and Doe, which will (I hope) see me finally getting to grips with my overlocker and twin needles. For someone who hasn’t blogged in about a year and has only been sewing regularly for about 6 months, seems like a tall order.

It probably is.

The things is, my current thinking (and it may change in the near future) is that if I don’t start forcing myself to make some stuff – by announcing it to the internet – I will never get over my fear of cutting into nice fabric, or my aversion to getting off the sofa on weekends. So I decided that I’m going to try to join as many sew alongs and other internet community activities (of the sewing kind) as I possibly can this year. I’m also taking 2 sewing courses over the next 5 weeks, so this whole beginning of 2014 thing is either going to be a bundle of fun, or a massive tragedy, and therefore a bundle of fun.

So there we are. Tune in and witness the descent into a spiral of madness.

Soon there may even be picture. Yes. Pictures.


I know.


Expect lots of italics as well.



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2 Responses to on creative endeavours

  1. So glad you’re joining us! A muslin really can help you get over the fear of cutting into your nice fabric. If you muck up there, you can really just use it to learn!

    • Oh absolutely! I am going to make a muslin it on saturday, and see if I can find a suitable fabric for the actual garment as well – I have a lovely chevron brocade that was destined for this, but am inclined to try something a bit less daunting for the time being!

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