It’s been over a year since I posted on this blog; the reasons are:

1. No camera to speak of

2. I moved

3. Work work work work work

4. I’ve been getting a sewing education

SEWING, folks. Sewing. I’ve sewed so much it’s kind of crazy. I mean, I was sewing before, but now? I can sew clothes. I know, right?

I took a couple of (well, maybe it was 4) sewing courses over this last year, and learned to make the following:

I’ve got two more courses booked (considering booking a third), and hopefully I’ll be a bit more diligent in recording my progress to bring this here blog back to life.

I’ve also added a button to my right-hand sidebar (the one with all the over-sized click-y buttons), that says I’m taking part in a sew along in January – this is hosted by someone called Rosie Wednesday. I just started following her on Kollabora (sorry for the many links, but. It’s been a year!), and serendipitously discovered she is doing this. I say serendipitously not only because I like the word, but also because a few months ago I bought that pattern in a second-hand shop. I’ve been quite puzzled by the shape of the darts etc so I was a bit daunted by the idea of cutting into my lovely fabric, but this happy occurrence means that there will be some degree of long distance hand-holding, which increases my confidence somewhat.

I’ve also started to dabble into designing my own clothes. Please note I use the term designing very loosely, because for the most part I am just adding stuff to other stuff. Regardless, right now it’s fun.

I’ve not stopped baking/ needlepoint-ing/ knitting, but I find myself not taking these up as often – though I still do. Must… take… more… pictures.

So I guess this is my attempt at a reboot. 2014 starts in just over 48 hours, so fingers crossed this blog sees a bit more action over the course of this coming year.

Wish me luck.

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  1. É só preciso haver máquina fotográfica que se apresente.

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