coconut tea cake

I should probably explain the reason for my absence from this blog. It’s two-fold really:

1. I really needed to give baking a break. Not because I had grown tired of it, quite the contrary; mainly because my waistline suffered greatly from it, and I put on quite a bit of weight getting through all of my sugary concoctions.

this is a cake

2. the other reason is a bit silly: my friend Nancy has been too busy to post, and therefore I haven’t bothered, as I like to think our blogs are twinned and not just that, I like to get a healthy competition thing going.

I should keep blogging though, as reading these two makes me think they hardly seem like good reasons to stop. Posts may however have to be more about crafts, which hopefully will keep the scales in check – that and all the squash I’ve been playing.

This post doesn’t quite obey that rule just yet, and seeing as Christmas approaches it is likely that if I post about anything, it will be cakes. Yes yes I am filled with contradiction, but it doesn’t seem to bother me so deal with it.

mmm cake? maybe

I baked this cake over a month ago. I was going to post about it soon after, but my life became this crazy tornado of things and I didn’t feel like it and didn’t quite know what to say either. But since I’ve been on a bit of a baking kick lately, I thought I should get this one out of the way, as a means of making me pick up the camera and starting to take pictures of baked goods (rather than just eating them).

The recipe for this cake comes from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking – From My Home to Yours. The first time I made it, it wasn’t a success. I guess that should have put me off it, however I absolutely refuse to believe that Dorie would put a dud in her book,  so I will try it until it’s up to scratch. Also, this time I had all the ingredients.

SO off I went. Coconut tea cake. Coconut tea cake (the way Dorie came up with it) is a strange concoction, because of the order things go into the bowl. If you’re a ‘cream butter and sugar’ type of girl (or boy, we don’t discriminate here), read at your own peril. Butter is actually the last ingredient to be added to the mix, even after the flour – Dorie, ever the iconoclast!

sorry no pictures of cut cake. Trust me, it wasn’t worth it.

So… I made this cake again hoping that this time I’d get the Dorie factor and that it would be as wonderful as all other recipes of hers I tried. I guess this isn’t the last time I’m making this cake though. Don’t get me wrong, the cake tastes nice and everything, but it’s supposed to be moist and isn’t. I find this intensely puzzling due to the amount of butter and coconut milk in the recipe. What makes it dry? Is it the baking time, am I baking it for too long? Is it just ummm fate? (stupid fate)

No idea. Until I find out, I will try and try again. Next time is the one. I won’t be beaten by this cake I think, unless it means a ridiculous amount of time and ingredients spent testing it. I am stubborn, but not that stubborn.

We did eat it. ALL of it. Moistened with things like juice, tea, syrups or anything that would come to mind. But yeah. Dull. Sry Dorie.

at least it was pretty

Here’s a link to someone who made it and had better results. They share the recipe, so it saves me typing it. Although, you know. BUY THE BOOK DORIE IS AWESOME.

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2 Responses to coconut tea cake

  1. acakediva says:

    Beautiful photography! Looks like a yummy recipe, too. 🙂

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