So I’m trying to focus on my crafts a bit more and avoid making so many sweets. It hasn’t exactly worked yet (just ask the carrot cake we finished last week) but at least I’m trying.

I bought a quilting kit from Constança a while ago – can’t remember how long ago, but definitely last year. I really wanted to give quilting a try, but didn’t know where to start, and this seemed like it was worth a try. After buying and examining the kit (which let me tell you, was the most adorable and perfect thing ever), I didn’t start it because I was missing something: a sewing machine – no way was I going to sew all that by hand.


A few months ago I borrowed A’s mother’s one, so I was set. And then, one day when our plans to go out were ruined by some heavy rain, I finally decided to pick it up. And I couldn’t put it down.

The hardest part was setting up the colour sequence. It took me AGES to get to something I liked, and even then I just used Constança‘s as a code and replaced it with mine – you’ll notice they repeat in exactly the same way. Task #1: FAIL.

So yeah, guess I’m pretty rubbish at coordinating colours.

I called this square 'the pizza place'

Sewing squares is easy. Rows, harder. But quilting. Quilting is a challenge (Daring Bakers take note). Keeping lines straight? Hah. The squares make it simpler to make sure that the lines are parallel, but even so I had difficulty with keeping them straight, and the stitching regular. This is especially obvious in the backing, because it has lines – mine are hardly parallel to the fabric.

Then there’s the binding – Constança has an INCREDIBLE technique (that she shows on the tutorial that comes with the kit). I’ve since seen it in a quilting book, but am still amazed at how something so simple yields such a seamless result.

i LOVE the binding.

So, now I have been infected by quilting. I have hardly stopped ever since finishing this baby blanket, and am trying more challenging items, larger quilts, thinner fabrics. Granted, they are not perfect yet, but I think I’m improving: I’m definitely more confident and careful with my sewing, and most of all, more patient. Even though I still want to finish it immediately and hate waiting for wadding to dry. Seriously, wadding: you need to dry faster (especially since it almost takes our lounge out of action as that is the only area large enough to flat dry it).

Constança has since been selling more kits in her etsy shop, so if you’re a keen quilter that doesn’t like washing, ironing, and cutting fabric, or waiting for wadding to dry, or indeed haven’t quilted before but would like to try it, I highly recommend hers. Each kit is unique, and the colour and pattern selection is without fault.  You do have to be quick though, as they fly off the shelves in a matter of hours from the time they are put on sale.

can't get enough of that binding

These are some photos of my finished quilt – a bit yellowed but should give you a good idea of what it looks like.

I love it

I expect there will be some more pictures of this as some point.

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3 Responses to quilting

  1. This is so cute! I love the colors and fabrics 🙂 I don’t know why but I have an obsession with fruit material and that binding flipping rocks!!

  2. Thanks! It was so much fun to make too. All the kit patterns are indeed brilliant, I found it much harder when I had to pick my own!

  3. marta duarte says:

    🙂 Roo-me de inveja de não ter tempo pra deitar as mãos a uma aventura dessas. Um dia. Fiquei cheia de vontade de experimentar um desses kits. Mas felizmente não estão à venda por agora.
    A manta ficou linda. Fico com pena de não a ver ao perto. A ela e a ti.

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