The story isn’t new: girl decides to make custard, girl is left with lots of egg whites, girl doesn’t know what to do with them, girl trawls the internet in search of a good recipe, girl ends up making the simplest one she can find because she is essentially lazy.


The above explains the origin of these meringues. I had 3 egg whites and wanted to make something that would challenge me in some way. Meringue is not a challenge, at least not at the moment, while I am happy in the safety of the french method. However, if there is something that I can always use some practice in, that is indeed piping. So instead of my usual meringue nest – or blob or whatever you’d like to call it, I set my sights on small meringue kisses.

Using this recipe from Canelle et Vanille – this is where I point out that I envy this post because the idea of making white sweets is so incredibly clever. I made white clouds of icing sugar and then white clouds of meringue. Patiently piped onto silpats and baked for about half an hour each, I was left with I think over a hundred small meringue kisses and no idea what to do with them.

look at them

And then, epiphany: Eton mess.

There is nothing better than Eton mess. In fact, if you ever have any meringue at home and don’t know what to do with it – just make Eton Mess. It’s easy, no fuss and absolutely delicious. Seriously, there aren’t many desserts out there that can give you as much satisfaction.

they sort of look like garlic cloves

So we had a week of Eton Mess and it always disappeared so quickly that there was no time for pictures. Anyway, I can’t possibly take good pictures of that – just trust me when I say it’s wonderful and if you’ve never tried it you should let me know – I will either judge you or make you some. It’s incredibly simple: either crush meringue (or if it’s small enough use it whole) with some cream whipped to your preferred consistency – mine is sort of soft peaks – and add fresh or frozen red fruits. Quantities to your discretion.

Meringue Kisses  – by Canelle et Vanille (clickety click for lots of other delicious recipes and the most beautiful photos)

ready for cream and berries

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1 Response to meringue

  1. nancy says:

    There really is nothing better than Eton Mess. I concur.
    Beautiful piping skillz.

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