So what better way of celebrating this here blog’s first birthday than by wishing everyone a happy new year? NONE.

So Happy New Year, everybody.

I know I haven’t posted for well over a month, but well, blame daylight savings. Seriously, this is annoying the hell out of me and I can’t really get over how crap my pictures are. And no pictures means no posts and no posts means a boring blog. Sorry.

So today as a means of celebrating this birthday (and the new year woohooo) I am posting some pictures I took this morning of things we made yesterday for our NYE party (or should I say Harry Potter Marathon – one more film to go!). Some of the things in the picture (coughcakecough) are slightly older… actually older than the blog itself. And you know what? It works. I shall be making another one in the next few weeks, and keeping it until next year.

NYE desserts l-r: trifle, christmas cake, mince pies

What else? Ah, the lovely trifle. I used a Gordon Ramsay recipe that was really lovely, but had to replace the raspberry filled swiss roll with madeira cake – it works rather well. Also, I cut down on the cream. That amount of cream in one single recipe should be illegal.

yeah that's as good as my photos are going to be now

There were mince pies as well (the first ones ever to come out ok in my kitchen) and in order to make them I had the help of my lovely assistant A., also known as my boyfriend.

We used my own homemade mincemeat – I know it seems a bit daft to share recipes like mincemeat just as the holiday period end, so I may leave it to later.

Of course this is the ending of an intense baking month, or even year really. I guess that the blog has forced me to bake more than ever before, and I guess the first of the month (of the year) is a good time to look back on some of the stuff I made – not for long though, I know you’re all busy people.

one more for good measure

I started out energetically, with a goal of 2 or more posts a week. I was able to keep that going for a while, but then of course it all went slightly pear-shaped due mostly to how lazy I am. All in all though, I feel like I have greatly improved my baking skills, my baking knowledge, and my baking allegiances. Yes move over masters of old, my new hero is Mary Berry. You know she’s your hero too.

My most proud achievement, still the macarons that I made over and over and over again.

Looking forward, I hope the new year brings out a more experimental me, and a more crafty me – it’s time to get the needles out and get back to knitting, sewing and whatever else may come my way.

And it’s thus my goodbye to 2011 and to all the good and bad times it had. And my lovely Mia.



Christmas Trifle recipe – by Gordon Ramsay (I used Madeira cake instead of swiss roll)
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3 Responses to blogobirthday

  1. nancy says:

    Happy Birthday RPN!! I look forward to more crafty you x

  2. Trifle is one of my favorites. Looks delish. Happy Blog-irthday

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