birthday cake (belated)

A few years ago I started learning to dance Tango with an Argentinean couple. Their names were Oscar and Gladys, and they had moved from Argentina and would teach tango lessons (the cool kind, not the ballroom kind) in the evenings. After the lessons my friend Cláudia and I would usually stay a bit longer and chat with them. Oscar was particularly interesting, and once taught me this Argentinean saying; I’ve tried googling it without success, but I think it would be something like this in spanish: Argentinos, lo que no tienen de pinta, tienen de lengua. Or something along those lines. Roughly translated: Argentineans, what they lack in looks, they make up for in tongue. Tongue in this case meaning speech, as in they talk seductively etc.

I don’t dance Tango anymore (sadly) but the saying, turns out, is still useful.

birthday cake

birthday cake

I think that if my birthday cake was a man, he would have been born in Argentina. It’s not the best looking, but what it lacked in the beauty department it more than made up in the tongue department – it was quite frankly delicious.

I made it the day after my birthday, which was filled with cakes; that way I was able to enjoy it more.

birthday cake 2

the layering was nice - excuse my slicing ability

I followed this recipe to the letter, only halving the amounts as even though it’s my birthday, I still have jeans and things I need to fit into. I found the marshmallow broiling quite difficult: mine all melted into this delicious goo, but I added it to the filling and it was ok. As with everything that has buttercream, it’s best consumed when it’s approaching room temperature. Try this cake if you have some free time and a very sweet tooth. Who knows, maybe yours will be pretty!


the stuff on top was such a BAD idea

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1 Response to birthday cake (belated)

  1. Nancy says:

    Bro this looks (and tasted) so good.
    I like the funny alien poo icing on top.

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