birthday macarons

Another post about macarons. Yes yes I am a one trick pony but it’s fun.

malt choc macarons

malt choc macarons

I made these for the office. While thinking about making them I struck up an email conversation with the BraveTart (yes another link to her website) and let me tell you folks, not only is she an incredible baker and writer, she is incredibly nice! So anyway, following her advice I made up my mind about making malt macarons.

They came out really well! And the tops of the shells were super smooth which is quite unusual for me. Now, something I need to say about macarons. I ALWAYS count the number of folds I make. For 2 egg whites (or thereabouts) I always go under 50, possibly 45 or even less. This time, with 5 egg whites, I made about 55 folds. And they were lovely. I piped them onto my new Silpats, that Nancy kindly brought from New York City, but got a bit over excited and piped them too close to each other, so some ended up merging. Still good. I separated them and you know, not perfect but still edible.

this picture looks a bit pretentious

this picture looks a bit pretentious

And how edible. I took them to the office, and never got that many compliments in any baked good. Ever. So now I’ve received an order for more. For the office. Wish me luck in this, as I am about to blow 15 eggs (or thereabout) on the enterprise!

Again, for the recipe follow this link to BraveTart’s blog. I just swapped 1 lb (I have no idea how much that is, just used the converter in my digital scale) of powdered sugar with 1 lb (minus about 2 tbsp) of malt powder, plus 1 tbsp of cocoa. 2 tbsp would be about, umm say 1 oz?

Oh, oh. Forgot to say I filled them with a chocolate malt filling with a marshmallow filling centre (recipes from Sweetapolita) that I had left over from the birthday cake I made – and will post about in the near future. I also sieved some cocoa on top for decoration.

more macarons

more macarons

An account of the batch macaron making to follow. Surely. Soon.

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2 Responses to birthday macarons

  1. these look absolutely delicious. I actually have never made any macroons:( I should change that shouldnt I!
    I think I might just use this recipe to do so!!!
    please stop by and say hi

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