baker’s block

It’s been quite hot in London, lately. Actually, that’s a lie. The weather doesn’t seem to be able to make its mind up, which is at the same time annoying and — umm, just annoying.

Like the weather,  I (ha ha) have been struggling with desserts. And crafts. I really wanted to make something to kinda sorta maybe celebrate the royal wedding, or rather make it my sort of royal wedding, with Tudors and symbols galore, but I didn’t have the patience to get it ready in time. Then I made an awful, awful (-ly delicious?) Vicky sponge, and was too impatient to let it bake properly, so it had a huge crater in the middle. Turns out that when you fill it with strawberries and cream that is actually not a problem, but a blessing.


there they are! and pink!

In the end I think I used some egg yolks for something (maybe some savoury palmiers – can’t really remember) and decided to use the whites to make, you’ve guessed it, macarons.

Fortunately, the Easter/Royal wedding period brought about a huge assortment of holidays, and I managed to get to a shop I had been meaning to visit since I first found its web address: Jane Asher. It has everything (and by everything I mean various baking supplies). Including gel food colouring, which is what I wanted and had tried to replace unsuccessfully (with beetroot powder, and let me tell you, don’t even go there).

So I used the fuscia colour for these. As usual, they came out alright (fuscia became pink), although I am getting more and more critical of the feet. Now that I get them, they’re not good enough – I have become a snob. (notice how everything takes place so quickly here).


that black thing is passion fruit

I baked my macarons at a lower temperature this time, about 150 degrees C. This was a good idea, as in terms of texture, I had the best results ever. Crispy on the outside, soft and lovely inside. I filled some with curd, and others with Nutella. The curd ones were obviously nicer in the hot weather, but the other ones were pretty good as well.


crunchy on the outside

I’m trying to think of something a bit more experimental for this weekend, to make this slightly more exciting. If you have any suggestions, I would welcome them.

In the meantime if you feel like it, do try this delicious concoction, Brave Tart‘s incredible macaron recipe that has recently made it to the top spot in the‘s Macaron Madness: 10 Marvelous Recipes.

Here’s another picture:


another picture

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2 Responses to baker’s block

  1. Concha says:

    Há que tempo que ando para fazer macarons, até comprei livros e tudo. Os teus ficaram extraordinários, parabéns!!

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