cross stitch

I have yet to post any craft pictures here, and there is a reason for it: most things I make are to give away, and I like to surprise people with them (also I tend to give them away before I take any photos). That said, I think it’s time I put something up to remind me of all the stuff I need to finish.

I have been knitting on a regular basis now for about, umm, 12 years? On and off, but mostly on. I really enjoy it, not only because it is really relaxing and something you can do without giving it much thought, but it is also compatible with watching TV or reading.

big orange butterfly

Throughout 2009 and 2010 most of my friends and family decided to have children: this made me have to knit frantically, as I would like all new babies to have at least one thing knitted specifically for them, and if I could be the one to do that hey, why not. However, this knitting marathon (that has lasted about 2 years give or take) had to stop sometime, before I lost all enthusiasm for the discipline. Therefore I decided to take a break from crafts and dedicate myself entirely to baking. This proved to not last very long, as I get quite bored if I am only doing one thing at a time.

That’s when I decided to try cross stitching – I’ve done it before, mostly unfinished projects; in spite of the odds, I thought ‘if it’s small enough I’ll probably finish it‘ and thus got the smallest kits I could find, lavender sachets. I’ve finished the whole embroidery bit, however the sewing bit is still in my to do list. Thus, I’ve set myself a deadline (or two): since they’re supposed to be a Mother’s Day gift (a secret that the Mothers in question don’t know about yet – as happens with this blog), I have to finish them before then; I reckon it’s feasible.

the sachets

The next wave of new babies is just starting, so it is time I pick up the knitting needles again. Until then I’ll have these to keep me busy.

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2 Responses to cross stitch

  1. Nancy says:

    These are so pretty, can I have one even though I dont have a baby coming?!

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