a winning combination

I have always found peanut butter to be an odd thing. To me, it should be just like Nutella but with peanuts. Not something savoury. So it has always struck me as odd that people eat it with bread, or cheese, just like erm, butter.

Anyway, the only reason I have ever had to buy peanut butter has been solely peanut butter biscuits – and more recently granola bars.

Peanut butter in baked goods always makes them better, in my opinion. And a quick internet browse will return countless ways in which you can combine it with many other things. One of the most popular ones seems to be chocolate, and although peanut and chocolate are an obviously amazing duo (hello snickers), I had never tried them together in baking. Amateurish, I know; but then I am learning!

chocolate peanut butter cookies

These were pretty good, although I think I should have used smooth peanut butter instead of chunky. I tried to make up for it with some almond butter (again, so tasty but I can’t imagine it as a savoury food), but the centres still were not as soft as I would have liked. I know the recipe seems complicated. It’s really not, and it’s also quite fun to make. Try them with your tea. They’re the best of both worlds.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Munchies from The Everyday Home Cook
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