onion rolls

In recent times, I have really tried to lead my life in a sustainable and natural (as much as possible) way. I think it’s because I live in a big city; I don’t really get to see the countryside that much and I’m away from the sea.

I really like the feeling of eating home-made stuff: it’s not really the flavour (even though the flavour is usually better) but the fact that I know exactly what is in what we are eating; also, I get to put it in reusable packaging (tupperware, tea towels) and save the landfill from extra plastic.

One of the things I really would like to master, in the whole home-baking endeavour, is bread. I love the look of freshly baked bread, steaming and causing butter to melt, and the way its smell fills our flat. However, my recipe list is yet quite small, and I’m not often successful.


eggy onion rolls

A few days ago I saw an image in Tastespotting that caught my eye: it was for onion rolls. I visited the blog it led to and marvelled at seeing someone who practises what I would like to be able to. Not just that, excels at it: home-made cheese, home-made bread, all lovely and delicious looking.

I took the onion roll recipe so that I would try it at home. I couldn’t resist such an incredible looking brioche-like treat. And today I decided to make them. A bit of a challenge I must say, the dough seemed too sticky, and I had to omit the sourdough starter (I’d love to make it but still haven’t figured out everything I need to in order to be confident it will work). I am sure that this meant they weren’t as delectable as they might have been, but they looked absolutely stunning and were ‘very delicious’ according to the in-house food critic.

It is really silly how the fact that a certain recipe has worked out perfectly gives me such a sense of accomplishment, but it does. I am super proud of my achievement – there is absolutely nothing wrong with these rolls!

And it’s all thanks to the lovely recipe. Try it one day – you won’t regret it.

Know Whey’s 60 Minute Onion Rolls
The home page currently has a tutorial on sourdough starter – may just tempt me…
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1 Response to onion rolls

  1. nancy says:

    They look yummy and your egg looks so round!

    I completely understand your sense of achievement! Its like having a child and knowing it came out well (ok not quite the same, but you get my drift!).

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