useful days

Dias úteis
às vezes pretextos fúteis
pra encontrar felicidade
no percurso de um só dia
Sérgio Godinho, Dias Úteis

Today was great. I decided yesterday that I would go to the fishmonger today, as I feel that we aren’t getting enough fish in our diets. A few days ago I watched a show on TV about sustainable fishing, and even though I am not a great Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall fan, I must admit that it is something that I fully support. Thus, I checked his fish fight website, mainly the helpful tips section and it lead me to the Fish2Fork and their helpful tips in turn.All this to say this morning I made a list of all the fish I was allowed to buy while keeping a clear conscience – it’s highly unlikely that we’ll get back to cod – and off we went to our lovely local fishmonger. There, we got a lovely sea bream and some mussels. Mussels!

mussel linguine

spaghetti with mussels

Mussels have always been one of my favourite foods, but one I had never cooked in my life. So I gave it a try today. Turns out it’s not that difficult, and they came out really well.

I followed Gordon Ramsay’s Linguine with Mussels, but omitted the thyme and replaced the linguine with whole wheat pasta.

The flavour was really lovely, not too salty and the parsley made it really fresh. It also tasted of accomplishment and victory. On to greater things now! Like… marshmallows.

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