It may share a name with a lovely baked good, but this post is about knitting.

I would say my grandmother was the one that sparked my knitting obsession; I don’t think she enjoyed knitting as much as crocheting, but she was the one. She taught me how to make socks using double-pointed needles, during my summer holidays when I was 14. Even though I haven’t made that many socks since, and my knitting methods are hugely influenced by what I have learned online, I still knit the way she taught me, and still try to adapt my inelegant knitting form to suit her standards.

I recently discovered brioche stitch, mainly because of this scarf published in knitty. I made a similar one a few years ago, for my grandmother’s birthday, but this one takes it a step further.

Brioche stitch is similar to double knitting, producing a knit that is reversible and much softer and warmer. To achieve this, it doubles the amount of yarn used. I don’t really know how else to describe it, but this is a very comprehensive site about it.

Because I can’t make it for my grandmother, I’m knitting one for my aunt (a big fan of the grandmother scarf). I started winding the yarn today, using a method that allows you to use both ends at the same time and keeps it nice and soft. It is fully described here.

I will try to take pictures as I progress, but this is likely to be slow-moving and not awfully photogenic. We shall see though…

magenta yarn

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